Thoughts on the recent violence in Delhi

A look at the riots in North-East Delhi in late February 2020. We have avoided the gore and the moralism. The attempt is to answer what led to it rather than resort to partisan digs or nationalistic frameworks of understanding. "While it is not possible to deny the role of the state in encouraging these polarisations, the stand that these riots were manufactured by the government is incorrect. It discounts the faultlines which exist at a social level, and the limits they pose upon political action."

होंडा मजदूरों का डेरा – कुछ बातचीत

होन्डा मजदूरों के साथ नवंबर में बातचीत हुई थी। व्होट्सैप द्वारा प्राप्त संदेश जोड़कर जो रिपोर्ट पिछली वेबसाईट पर लिखी थी, वह कोरोनावाईरस साफ कर गया। ओफलाईन बचाई न थी।